How does it feel to drive a Bronco?

I was asked to write a blog about how driving a Bronco makes me feel. So, let’s go WAY back to the beginning…

2009: This was a rough year for me. I was going through a nasty divorce from a narcissistic, abusive man. We owned a house, and a 2005 Ford F-150 together. He was in jail for violating a restraining order I had put against him, and I knew that I was going to have to take action to get my life in order before he got out. So, I went in search of a vehicle that I could afford on my own. I searched for a few weeks, and knew that I wanted something 4WD, and one day this beautiful 1995 Bronco popped up on a dealer website. I made a budget and hoped that I could afford this vehicle, and then promptly went down to the dealership with a friend of mine in tow. I haggled with the dealership for hours, and long story short, I got them down $4,000 on price, but they wouldn’t do the monthly terms I could afford, so I left. I went to lunch, talked to my friend, and decided to go back and haggle some more. I ended up walking out with the keys to “Morgan”, and on my terms! My father taught me well how to deal with car salespeople. πŸ˜‰ So, I brought Morgan home, and shortly there after the idiot got out of jail and we went to court. He was awarded the F-150, and I was awarded the house. So, it worked out in my favor to be proactive. He later defaulted on the payments on the F-150 and it was repossessed. LOL.

So Morgan and I began our Bronco journey. I was so proud to own MY OWN VEHICLE for once in my life, and I was going to love her forever! I drove her around daily, kept up on regular maintenance, and began to take her to wheeling events. She became a part of who I am, and was not only a mode of transportation for me, but genuinely a builder of my confidence and freedom! She has been a great protector; saving me from multiple disasters. She has become part of my Bronco community identity. I felt amazing every time I drove her around town, or to a wheeling event, but she’s become a little old and tired, and needs some major repairs to get her back in tip top shape. She will be great again someday, and she will always be my first Bronco baby!

2011: So, naturally, my love affair with Broncos had begun. After the divorce, I met a man and we started dating. He had an Early Bronco. The first time I got to ride in that Bronco, I had an ear to ear grin! I felt like a homecoming queen in a parade (although I’m sure not that many people were really looking). I felt like we were the coolest people, in the coolest vehicle on the road! I was giddy! I later ended up going on a couple of wheeling trips with him, and then the relationship ended. At that point in my life, all I could do was dream about the concept of owning a Bronco. I could only stand in the shadows and drool over other people’s beautiful Broncos. I felt like I’d never own an Early Bronco in my lifetime. I was single, living alone, working full time, paying for a house, bills, etc., and I barely had $10 to my name every two weeks. How in the hell could I afford a Bronco!?!?!?

2013: God must have felt my pain. He wanted to help me with my dreams, or at least I like to think so. He sent me Scott. Poor Scott had no idea what kind of crazy woman he was getting involved with, but he hasn’t openly complained much in the last 5 years! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ We both had a love for Fords, and he lived on Ford Street!!!! This was fate saying, “look you two, this was meant to be!!!”. So, you know most of the story from there, and although I have yet to drive the “Rock Hunter Bronco”, I’m sure it is going to be outrageously thrilling when I do! Or as Eric Lockie might here me say, “WOO HOO… NO NONONOOOO…. WEEEEEEEEEE!”.

2018: Now along comes Finnegan, the 1969 Bronco. As I’m sure you’re well aware from my Cheshire grin, driving Finnegan is a BLAST! When I did the test drive, I was ear to ear grin again… bigger than the previous grin experienced from riding in a Bronco. This time I was hoping to own this Bronco! The day that I brought Finnegan home, I cried. This may seem a bit sappy to some, but others will understand. One of my Bronco dreams had come true, and I was so blessed! Granted, I only got to drive Finnegan for about a week or two before we had to do the motor swap (which then spiraled out of control), but I know that I will have many years of smiling drives and memories once Finnegan is buttoned up from the heart transplant. Just to be able to show Finnegan off to my coworkers (who think I’m an absolute nut with this obsession) was a very meaningful thing to me. Getting the “thumbs up” from passers by as I’m driving down the road, meeting up with fellow Bronco owners in a parking lot just for a photo op, and being able to physically drive an Early Bronco to places I’ve always wanted to go to, all means the world to me. I was no longer just a Bronco “stalker”, I was now a Bronco owner! πŸ˜€

Finnegan the 1969 Bronco

To some, the feeling of driving a Bronco may seem immeasurable and ridiculous. How could a pile of rust, parts, and tires bring someone so much joy?!?!? Well, my friends, I’ll say this…. life is short, and you only get one shot, so do what makes your heart happy because you can’t take it with you in the end.

Love yourself, love your Bronco!

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