Colorado Broncos & Scouts

Last week we drove over 2,200 miles round trip to visit Delta, Colorado. Scott’s parents live there, and we’d never seen that part of the country, so we decided to drive.

Saturday morning, we loaded up the Dodge Ram 3500, and headed out on our journey. We drove for 10+ hours on day one and stopped in Burley, ID for the night. Normally I am a huge fan of the Dodge. It’s reliable, gets great fuel mileage, and in most cases it’s extremely comfortable. After the first 8 hours of driving, I still had tons of faith, but my butt was complaining a little.

On day two, we woke up, filled our coffee cups, and headed for Colorado. Another 8-9 hours, and we made it safe and sound. After that journey, I honestly didn’t want to ride in a vehicle for a while, and I gained a whole new respect for long-haul truckers!

On our first day there, Scott’s mom showed me a little property that had a stash of early Broncos. After that day, we were seeing them everywhere! Mostly in yards, covered by brush, and begging for a little attention. We also saw Scouts everywhere. I kept wondering why there were so many awesome vehicles around these parts, and it hit me…MOAB.

Only a three hour drive from where we were, the temptation to visit Moab was strong, but we just didn’t have the time to get away on this trip; it wasn’t about us, it was about quality time with family.

We had a wonderful week with his parents and made lots of great memories. As much as I loved visiting that part of the country, and seeing it’s beauty, I’m still partial to lush and green Oregon, but I’m not partial to the rain it takes to make it that way!

After lots of hugs and a few tears, we packed our bags once again and headed for home. As we traveled out of Colorado and into Utah, we couldn’t keep count of all of the Jeeps headed to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. Thousands of them, in various forms, passed us as we traveled. I kept thinking, “Holy crap Moab is going to be super crowded!”

We made it to Ontario, Oregon on our first portion of the drive home, and arrived at a motel just beneath a huge thunderstorm. It was a welcome night’s rest in the first king size bed of the trip. I had thrown my back out earlier in the week, so I needed the rest.

Saturday morning, up and out early. Drove through the clouds and rain on the Blue Mountains, and it was a super sketchy drive. We had no incidents the entire trip until we made it to Portland. Some idiot in the hammer lane missed his exit, and he almost caused a huge accident, to which we would have been part of, but fortunately we were not.

We arrived home, safe and sound, Saturday afternoon. There were two fur babies that were very excited to see us! Our dog sitter is a blessing in these cases, and I truly appreciate all she does!

Now it’s Tuesday, and it’s back to reality. Back to work for me, and three days of mowing and weed whacking for Scott. (Our lawnmower broke before we left, and April is the start of massive growth!) We enjoyed the trip, and wished we had more time to visit friends and Bronco people, but life happens.

In a couple of years, we will visit again, and this time we’ll allow for MOAB!😁

Take care my Bronco people, and remember, I’ll probably see you someday!πŸ˜‰

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