Finicky Finn-AGAIN!

I was super excited the other day when my phone security camera app alerted me to the motion of my Bronco “Finnegan” driving across the field toward the house! I thought, “YAY! She’s moving!” Scott had been working on improving the steering since it was a bit “loose”. He was also trying to work through some issues with the FiTech Fuel Injection, and some electrical gremlins.

I got home, and we decided to go for a test drive so I could reacquaint myself with Finnegan’s quirks, and get used to her new ones. We drove down to Amity proper to visit Kat and Andrew Hansen. Finnegan was steering MUCH better than before, but she’s so soft and top heavy, she still tends to wander a bit. She was running ok, but something still seemed a little off. We got to the Hansen’s, and during the course of conversation, Scott and Andy popped the hood to check things out. Andy noticed why Finnegan was running a bit rough….. one spark plug wire was not attached to the plug itself. OOPS! 😀 So, needless to say, we reconnected that, and she drove home pretty well.

Scott told me that the EFI just needs to learn my driving habits, so the next day I decided to take Finnegan to work. When I got in her at 5:45am to fire her up, she was a little stubborn, and it took a few tries. (And I’m pretty sure I pissed off our neighbor, but I don’t care). Once I got her fired; the moment I would turn the headlights on, she would lunge and die. So I tried again… same result. After deciding to leave the house with no headlights, Finnegan happily cooperated and off we went.

On my way to work, I decided to turn the headlights on again, and she acted like I zapped the power right out of her… she lunged HARD. But, I kept the lights on anyway, and continued my journey. About 3/4 of the way into my trip to work, I smelled a faint electrical burning. Uh Oh. All of a sudden, the speedometer started flopping back and forth, and continued to do so all the way to my destination. During my lunch hour, I usually run errands, and today was no different. So, to make up for the lack of speedometer, I used my smart phone to pull up a speedo app, and kept that by my side while I drove around town running errands. All seemed fine other than the “new” issues that had popped up in the morning.

On my way home from work, new things developed. Again, using my smart phone, I zip tied my phone to the roll bar above the dash so I could tell how fast I was going. I had to take a coworker down the street to pick up his car at the local repair shop, and upon revving the RPM’s up in 3rd gear, heading toward 4th gear, she suddenly cut out like she was gasping for air. This, of course caused Finnegan to lunge with violence, throwing my “new Bronco passenger” forward a little. I apologized for her nuances, and we continued safely to the repair shop.

As I left to proceed home, Finnegan continued her 3rd gear jerk, so I just decided to baby her the rest of the way home. Fortunately, we made it, and now she’s safely back in the shop for further investigation.

When Scott arrived home, I told the story of my day with Finicky Finnegan, and he was less than pleased. He’s worked very hard to make her a Bronco I can love, and these “gremlins” are just getting annoying to him. I know that he will persevere, overcome, and kick this horse’s ass, but I understand his frustrations as well.

We’ll keep searching for answers, test driving, seeking advice, and someday we will remove the “Finicky” from her proverbial rear end! 😉

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