Finnegan’s finale for now?

Well, back in the shop tomorrow morning because we need to get Finnegan’s newer motor running and driving to free up the shop for some much needed space to do some maintenance on the dailies. So, in the next few days we’ll be buttoning up the FiTech fuel injection and the exhaust. We might have to look into a new distributor, but not sure yet. Fingers crossed she will purr like a kitten without a struggle!!

Go EFI 4 600HP System Matte Black | FiTech Fuel Injection

Never thought I’d be a “blogger”

So, the word “blog” always sounded like something that came out of a bad 80’s movie, or a mucus filled membrane that I don’t want to envision, but here I am joining the blogger nation! How did this happen?!? Well, a coworker of mine said that my Facebook page just doesn’t cut it in this world of technology anymore, and said I needed to up my game to blogging. Why?!?! I was perfectly content with tiny little numbers popping up on my Facebook page, and using goofy emojis to engage with my audience, but NOOOOO, that’s not good enough anymore….thus the blog begins.

So what to blog about? Well, let’s start with how I came to love Ford Broncos. I’ve always loved, dare I say it, “old” trucks, but when I bought my 1995 Bronco in 2009, the love affair began. “Nothing special about a ’95 Bronco”, you say, but this was the first vehicle I had bought for myself. 100% mine, title, insurance, and paid for by me. All the other vehicles in my life were gifts, my significant other’s, or borrowed. But this one was MINE. She’s named “Morgan”, and she’s Cayman Green. She’s my first Bronco love.

I fell in love with Early Broncos when I dated a guy that had one. I had always thought they were unique and cool, but riding in his solidified my enthusiasm for them. Needless to say, I lost the guy, but not the love for Broncos. I developed friendships with people who had them, went to events where they were present, and started dreaming of owning one. 

Then it happened, an opportunity from an amazing friend came up, and I ran with it! Next thing I know, I was bringing home a battered, rusted, and beaten piece of Bronco metal. I had recently sold my house and met the love of my life, and it afforded me the opportunity to start building my dream Bronco. The birth of the “Rock Hunter” Bronco began. It is NOT a conventional 1972 Bronco. It’s a work in progress, and is comprised of beastly components! You’ll see more about this later, and if you’re a Bronco purist, cover your eyes! 😂🙈 The build is going on year 6 now because “life happens”. Someday I’ll stride across the dunes in it, and no one will wonder who’s Bronco that is.

Fast forward to November 2018. I wasn’t happy attending multiple Bronco events, meetings and gatherings WITHOUT a Bronco to drive to such things. Once again, an opportunity from a good friend presented itself and come hell or high water, I was going to have THIS Bronco. My friend was selling his Bronco, which I’ve loved for a while now, and I was willing to sell vital organs to own it. Fortunately, I still have all my organs, and I have a friend that trusted me to make him a fair deal. So now I am the proud owner of a 1969 Bronco.  I have named this one “Finnegan”. But poor Finny was a bit worn out in her old age, so some life saving measures had to be started right away. 

That is where we are today. A 1995 Bronco that sits with a slipping E4OD transmission, a 1972 Bronco that is still in build progress, and a 1969 Bronco in the middle of a heart transplant.  We never lack for projects in this place, and now you are here to support the blood, sweat, and tears that will come as we labor for the love of Broncos.

Thanks for joining my blog, and let me know if there’s any questions or suggestions you have. Be nice, keep it friendly, and BLOG ON!!!